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Advocacy Tips for State Government

What Matters Most?

  • Besides knowing your issue, building and maintaining relationships with your Legislators is key.Do this by…
  • Visiting your legislators at least once or twice a year
    • At the district office
    • At the capitol office
    • Attending their fundraisers – every legislator needs constituents’ support, moral and financial
  • Send electronic copies of your group’s issues and accomplishments
    – another great way to solidify your relationship

Session Is Over: If your group has passed a bill…

  • If your group has passed a bill…
    • You will need to monitor the rule making process of your legislation
    • Take part in relevant hearings surrounding the implementation of your legislation
    • Send press releases to necessary news outlets
  • You will also need to monitor relevant interim charges.

Session Is Over: If you plan to seek to pass a bill next session…

• You will need to find a champion in the House and Senate who will carry your bill
• You will need to educate like-minded groups on your issue and seek their support
• You will need research to support your agenda

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