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Earned and Social Media, Speech and Media Training

Interaction with the media is a critical component of a successful advocacy plan. Positive communication with the media is a learned skill.  Websites and other social networking tools provide an enhanced opportunity to communicate through the media and around it.

Arnold Public Affairs prepares its clients for every aspect of media interaction, beginning with the basics of news gathering operations, how journalists work and how they prepare for media interviews. Clients are trained in personal presentation methods and media appearance skills and will learn how to handle confrontation from hostile journalists.

The firm provides training for:

  • Public speaking engagements
  • Congressional and legislative testimony
  • Television, radio and print media interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Ambush interviews
  • Crisis communications
  • All forms of social media

Arnold Public Affairs • 815-A Brazos St. • PMB 545 • Austin, Texas • 78701 • 512-431-5385

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